Urology Specialist: Dr. Plawner

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Dr. Plawner’s Manhattan, Brooklyn and New Jersey offices offer complete state-of-the-art consultative, diagnostic and therapeutic services for all urological conditions. Our staff provides prompt, efficient, courteous service at our three locations and is always available to help you and your family.

The majority of our patients are referred to us by other patients as well as from numerous regional and international physicians. Many of our patients’ problems are diagnosed and treated on the initial visit as we offer complete, comprehensive evaluation and treatment.

Our offices are open from 9 AM-5 PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. Dr. Plawner, a Board Certified Urologist, is always available including the weekends and holidays. It is often possible to have an urgent, emergency problem attended  the same day as the appointment is made). Dr. Plawner and his Staff  also speak French, Polish, Italian, Russian and Spanish.

Dr. Plawner admits and treats patients at Lenox Hill Hospital located at 100 East 77 th Street in Manhattan located between

 For a consultation or appointment, please call (212) 737-2330
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August 2010
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