Men’s Sexual Health

Men’s sexual health concerns can include: problems achieving and/or maintaining an erection; achieving an ejaculation too soon after penetration (premature ejaculation); lack or orgasm and/or ejaculation. Dr. Plawner takes an individualized approach to each patient, tailoring therapies to each man’s medical and personal situation.

The first step in rectifying these problems is to discuss your situation with a Urologist who can help to define your particular problem and identify any risk factors or lifestyle changes that, when addressed, could improve your function. Part of this consultation typically includes a full Medical History and review of your current medications. A blood test allows evaluation of your hormone status. The blood pressure and neurological status of the genital area is also assessed. These non-invasive studies can easily be completed in one visit. Usually, at that same visit a preliminary diagnosis can be formulated and appropriate treatment can be instituted. In certain more complex cases, more sophisticated tests can be scheduled to assess penile arterial and venous blood flow.

Treatment options may include oral medication when appropriate, intrapenile injection therapy, implantation of penile prostheses and microsurgery when indicated. Using this approach, the success rate in allowing men the ability to return to satisfactory sexual relations approaches 90%.

Premature ejaculation is the most common malfunction that causes lots of frustration in both partners. It is not a disease. It is a malfunction that can be controlled by:

Behavioral changes – stop and go technique of intercourse.

Medical treatment using oral or topical medications that diminish the hyperexcitability of the genital receptors.

Delayed ejaculation: is much more difficult to treat. There are no medications that could increase the excitability threshold to ensure timely ejaculation.


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