Dr. Janusz Plawner is a Board Certified Urologist since 1987. He trained at New York University, Urology Department. He is in private practice since 1985.

His extensive clinical and surgical experience is unique in that he is able to offer a broad spectrum of services to all patients under all circumstances. He mastered the newest, state of the art technologies such as robotic surgery, endoscopy procedure and laser techniques. He is applying them to his patients on a daily basis and thanks to his vast surgical experience he is able to service patients where the newest technologies do not apply or have severe limitations.

Dr. Plawner developed a special interest in treatment of Prostate Cancer. He offers to his cancer patients a treatment that is benefiting the patient the best. He performs Robotic Radical Prostatectomies, when indicated, offers radioactive seed implant or radiation to those who would not benefit from surgery or whose poor health puts them to unnecessary risk for surviving surgery. Patients who cannot undergo Robotic Surgery (extensive scarring after multiple abdominal surgeries) are offered a Radical Perineal Prostatectomy that is also considered a minimally invasive intervention with similar results to Robotic Radical Prostatectomy.

Other Urological cancers: kidney, bladder and testis are treated in Dr. Plawner’s practice. He applies his vast experience in Urooncology from his training at NYU and Sloan Kettering Memorial Cancer Center.

A special point in his practice is the ability to offer continent diversions to patients undergoing surgical removal of their urinary bladders for cancer. These patients do not need to wear external urostomy appliances.

Minimally invasive treatment of urinary stones is a frequent event in Dr. Plawner’s practice. He treats urinary stones in a highly specialized Lithotrypsy Center, where the stones are exposed to shock waves, get pulverized and the particles are washed out with patient’s urine. All this done without bodily invasion.

Stones not amenable to shock wave treatment are removed by endourological interventions (uteroscopy or percutaneous access) at Lenox Hill Hospital. It is equipped with the state of the art instruments including lazers, high frequency ultrasound and mechanical devices (Swiss Lithoclast).

Urinary Incontinence, treatment of Overactive Bladder in men and women occupies an important place in Dr. Plawner’s practice. He offers state of the art equipment to diagnose the causes of these conditions. Patients undergo Urodynamic evaluation that helps to determine the cause of symptoms and recommend an appropriate treatment. Patients are intimately involved with a decision to choose treatment after being exhaustively informed about the results of testing and prospective outcomes. They are offered pelvic floor rehabilitation program where it’s applicable, medical treatment and minimally invasive surgeries when indicated.

Male infertility is traditionally the domain of practicing Urologists. Infertile males are diagnosed and treated in Dr. Plawner’s practice. In today’s world the ART (artificial reproductive technologies) are concentrated in highly specialized Fertility Clinics where the Urologist is part of the team. The initial diagnosis and treatment to improve the quality of the semen such as varicocoelectomy or THD device is provided in Dr. Plawner’s Practice. Interventions to collect viable sperm for fertilization are conducted in the Fertility Clinic that Dr. Plawner is associated with.

Erectile dysfunction is a common complaint that is thoroughly evaluated in dr. Plawner’s practice. Patient is undergoing a detailed evaluation as to the risk factors, integrity of the arterio-venous penile system and integrity of the neurological system. A discussion of the findings is embedded in treatment planning and discussing options: oral or injectable medications, vacuum-devices or surgical implants. Outcomes are discussed and appropriate recommendations are formulated.

Children with urological disease are taken care of in Dr. Plawner’s practice. He trained extensively at NYU under Dr. Moneer Hanna, a prominent Pediatric Urologist, and before coming to USA he trained as a Fellow in Pediatric Urology under Prof. Jacob Cukier in Paris at Hopital Necker Enfant Malades a prominent Academic Center for Pediatric Urology in Europe. The Fellowship was funded by the French Government.

Dr. Plawner’s practice provides the essential diagnostic services and provides treatment for a variety of conditions such as urinary infections, urethral malformations, undescended testicles, reflux.

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